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Whether you’re tanning for a special occasion, maintaining a flawless glow or simply looking for a little me-time, we invite you to come check out the TAN 2000 difference. At TAN 2000, it’s our mission to deliver our clients with the best tanning results and experience.

This spring we want to invite you to come experience what it’s like to tan with the experts. As experts, we know it takes more than just keeping great lotions in stock and having amazing equipment. A huge part of the TAN 2000 difference is the salon upkeep we do daily, weekly and monthly.

In addition to thoroughly sanitizing your equipment from top to bottom after each use, our salon teams also spend time deep cleaning each room monthly, if not more than that, to ensure you’re in a relaxing, clean environment. From scrubbing baseboards to cleaning out filters, we 100% guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your experience and service.

During your visits, you may have even noticed our hardworking maintenance techs. Throughout the year, our amazing maintenance techs assist in resolving any equipment/facility issues and also track lamp usage to ensure you’re always getting your maximum glow. As part of our dedication to your results, we always keep the freshest and best lamps in our beds. Even if one lamp is out, it’s our policy to not operate that piece of equipment.

Ready to experience the difference? Jump over to our Equipment page  to take a virtual tour of our available beds, or stop in and chat with one of our tanning experts!

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  1. Hi, I’m Currently a Sun Tan City member, looking to switch to a different company. If its not too uch trouble, could you list out your packages and pricing to me, please? I can’t find them online. Thank you!

    1. We have membership packages beginning as low as $19.99/month! Any age is welcome with parent or legal guardian written approval.

        1. We offer Both the newest MysticTan HD and the newest VersaSpa Pro, spray tans start as low as $30 per session. We also offer unlimited memberships for spray tanning as low as $59.99/month!

  2. Hi, my husband and I canceled our contract with you back in June. You stopped taking payments out of our banking accounting when we did so. Last Friday we went in to resign up and where told my husbands account had a balance from where yall only closed my account and did not close his. We were told it would be taken care of and resigned up and began to tan. When we returned over the weekend we were told again his account still had a balance and he could not lay. I have been told twice that I will be called and this will be fixed, yet no one has called me. I don’t understand why this has not been fixed. We canceled the accounts together. I don’t understand what is so difficult about this. There seems to be no real management in this place. We just keep getting the run around.

    1. We are doing Mystic Tan HD or VersaSpa Pro spray tans starting tomorrow thru the end of October for $10, which will be given to the Susan G Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness!

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