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Tan 2000

1900 N. Roan St. Suite 100 Johnson City, TN

Tan 2000

1805 W. State of Franklin Rd Suite 600 Johnson City, TN

Tan 2000

5025 Bobby Hicks Hwy. Gray, TN

Tan 2000

4307 N. Roan St. Suite 9 Boones Creek, TN

Tan 2000

4360 W. Stone Drive Kingsport, TN

TAN 2000

Tan 2000 is a state of the art tanning studio just waiting to meet your tanning needs! Locally owned and operated for over 14 years. We offer the latest in UV tanning equipment, sunless tanning and tanning products to ensure that you get the tan you have always dreamed of. Love your look at Tan 2000.
We are proud to feature tanning equipment by Sun Ergoline, Soltron and Heartland. We also carry only the highest quality tanning lotions by Designer Skin & Australian Gold.

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The Basics of Indoor Sun Tanning

TAN 2000 is the perfect tanning salon for the client who is new to tanning. Maybe you've been tanning outside all summer and are ready to give indoor sun tanning a try. Or, maybe you think a great tan looks beautiful but never thought you'd be able to get results because of your skin type. You may have even always wanted to have a rich, golden tan, but aren't sure you'd have the time or patience for indoor tanning.

Whatever your reason for putting off tanning, there's no better time than now to start. Indoor sun tanning is a peaceful, luxurious way to unwind and relax a few times every week. For many of our clients, their 15-minute sessions are the only chances they get for "me" time in their busy lives! TAN 2000 not only makes sure you are comfortable and relaxed, but also that you aren't wasting your time on equipment or methods that simply won't work.

Our company mission is to get you the results you want, in whatever time frame you have in mind. Our Certified Tanning Consultants are experts in skin typing and will help you match the sun tan lotions and equipment that will give you the best results.

Below you will find tons of information that will help you understand the indoor tanning process, along with some other advice you can follow to make your tanning experience more effective and more comfortable.

"Tanning Smart" at TAN 2000

Tanning is your body's natural defense against sunburns. It's what your body was designed to do! But going from a body of sun-deprived skin to a gorgeous, natural tan isn't always foolproof. That's why we educate our tanners in what we call "Tanning Smart."

What, you may ask, is the golden rule of tanning smart? Simple: Don't Ever Burn!

Determining how to use the sun tanning equipment without reddening your skin is what the Tan 2000 Certified Tanning Consultants specialize in. We use a process called skin typing to determine what category your skin falls under to determine the equipment and lotions that will work best for you. We aim to deliver the results you want while doing our best to help you avoid the unnecessary discomfort and damage to your skin that comes with sunburn.

The information on the following pages will let you know a little more about some of the other rules of "Tanning Smart." Check out our tips on what to do before, during, and after your tanning visits at TAN 2000 to make sure that your tan lasts.

Tips and Tricks: Before Sun Tanning

Before you go to TAN 2000 to relax in one of our state-of-the-art tanning beds, here are a few things you can do to enhance your tanning results:

  1. Prep Your Skin - Before going in to suntan, it is a good idea to prep your skin for the sunlight. Basically, this means being nice and clean! Moisturized skin will hold a better tan as well, so regular moisturizing at home will also increase the longevity of your tan.
  2. Avoid Wearing Make-Up - Make-up, deodorant, and perfumes can interfere with sun tanning lotions and UV rays, so try not to wear them before going to TAN 2000. Also, remember to remove watches or jewelry that could cause tan lines.
  3. If Taking Meds - Talk to Doctor Before Tanning - Some medications, like high blood pressure prescriptions, can be weakened or otherwise affected by UV exposure. Please consult your physician before tanning to determine if your medication is photosensitive. The MysticTanHD® tanning system is a great way to get a tan that is brilliant, beautiful, and free of UV exposure.

Tips and Tricks: During Sun Tanning

Once you walk into your private tanning room at TAN 2000, there are a few things to keep in mind to help you strengthen your tanning results:

  1. Decide If You're Going Nude - When you enter your private tanning room at TAN 2000, the first decision you'll be faced with is whether or not to remove all of your clothes. This decision is entirely up to you. To avoid tan lines, many of our clients decide to tan in the nude. If you go this route, remember that some areas of your body haven't seen the sun in a long time, if ever.  These areas will be more likely to redden if you're not careful. You may only want to reveal these sensitive areas directly to the lamps for part of your session, while laying a towel under or over them for the rest of the session. Even with the towel or clothing between the lamps and your skin, some UV exposure will occur, which will build up the tolerance for your next visit.
  2. Apply Your Lotion - Sun tanning accelerator lotions work best when they are applied right before your tanning sessions. After removing your clothes, applying lotion should be your next step. However, do not use regular sunscreen or outdoor sun tanning lotion! It can adversely affect your tan and can also damage our tanning equipment. Talk to a Certified Tanning Consultant to decide which indoor lotion will give you the biggest boost toward reaching your tanning goals.
  3. Wear Goggles - State and federal law require that you wear proper protective eyewear when tanning because your eyelids are too thin to block out UV rays entirely. We provide FDA approved goggles at each of our tanning salon locations, unlike other salons that make you purchase them.
  4. No Need to Flip! - Many tanners new to indoor sun tanning may think they need to flip over onto their stomachs during their sessions, as they would when tanning in the sun. However, our beds are designed to tan you evenly from all angles without requiring you to flip.

Some experienced tanners find it beneficial to move their arms from their sides to over their heads to expose that underarm area. If you are concerned about getting an even tan, we recommend the Fastest tanning bed, which is equipped with a high-pressure facial tanner, shoulder tanners, and full-body 160-watt reflector lamps that give you the most even tan possible.

Tips and Tricks: After Tanning

After you complete your sun tanning session at TAN 2000, here are a few things to keep in mind to help you protect your tanning results:

  1. Apply More Lotion ... Yes, Again! - Tan extenders can help keep you moisturized, which is the surest way to keep a tan lasting longer. Talk to a Certified Tanning Consultant to determine a moisturizing tan extender that can help keep your tan looking rich and golden for longer.
  2. If you feel you may have gotten sunburned - try to shower as soon as you can. Sometimes, a quick shower can slow the effects of sunburn. After showering, be sure to apply an aloe-based relief lotion. See a Certified Tanning Consultant for recommendations of the best reddening relief products available.

The Do's and Don'ts of Exfoliating

When it comes to getting a long-lasting suntan, exfoliation can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Read the tips below to make sure you keep exfoliation on your tan's good side!

  1. Exfoliate, but Don't Over-Exfoliate - It may sound complicated, but we promise it isn't. Exfoliation is necessary for a good tan it gets dead skin cells away so that your skin is more accepting of a warm, golden color. But, over-exfoliating can cause you to scrub away layers of your tan and shorten its lifespan. Try to exfoliate once a week, preferably on the same day each week, just before a tanning session.
  2. Exfoliate Only on Your Skin's Rough Patches - Do you feel like your skin could benefit from exfoliation more than once a week? Try exfoliating only on the rough areas of your skin like your elbows, knees, and the heels of your feet whenever you feel the need for a refreshing scrub in the shower. These are the areas that need frequent exfoliation the most and scrubbing these areas should affect your tan the least.
  3. Use a Salt-Free Exfoliating Scrub - Salt is a natural enemy of your vibrant color and can shorten the lifespan of your tan.
  4. For MysticTanHD®, Exfoliate Right Before Your Session - But never right after! Exfoliating beforehand will shed your skin of its dead skin cells and make it more prone to accepting the spray color of the MysticTanHD® sunless tanning system. Exfoliating right after, however, may cause the solution to wear off faster than necessary.

Skin Care During the Tanning Process

We devote a lot of our effort to letting you know what skin care methods to use to extend and accelerate your suntan. But, what about the tanning and skin care techniques for the long haul? Here are a few basics of skin care that can keep you looking young and luxurious for longer.

  • Always Moisturize! - You may have read this a few other places on this site, but we can't stress it enough. Sun tanning's main detriment to your overall skin care is that the process reduces the natural moisture levels in your skin. This is why it is extremely important to replenish that moisture with sun tanning lotions both before and after tanning. Let a Certified Tanning Consultant help you find all the products you'll need to stay moisturized while you maintain a glowing tan.
  • Use a Facial Lotion - The skin on your face is the most sensitive skin on your body and the area most susceptible to the development of wrinkles. It is important to treat it as such! Be sure to wash make-up off before your tanning visit and use a facial lotion each and every day.

  • Sunless Tanning with MysticTanHD® - Thanks to the MysticTanHD®, it is also possible to get a gorgeous, natural-looking tan without the use of UV equipment! The MysticTanHD® system is one of the most sophisticated sunless tanning booths on the market. And now, MysticTanHD® has made it possible to get great sunless tanning results from home with its new line of home skin care products. Check them out!

Tanning Tips and Pointers

Everyone needs some tips every now and then. Here are a few things we think may help you in your quest for the perfect tan.

Use the Lotions! - Whether you're looking to jump start your tan from scratch, or deepen an existing sun tan and take it to the next level, lotions simply work. We are sure you'll be satisfied with the results of our sun tanning lotions. See your local TAN 2000 tanning salon for more information.

Talk to the Tanning Consultants - Even if you've been tanning for years, there are advancements and changes happening in the sun tanning industry every day. Make it a habit to talk to the Certified Tanning Consultants each time you visit your local tanning salon. You may be surprised what you can learn from the Certified Tanning Consultants at TAN 2000!

Keep Your Eyes Open for Specials - At TAN 2000, we are always running some kind of promotion that can help you save money on a luxurious, golden tan. We even offer an Email-Club and a Text-Club where you can have the latest deals delivered to your inbox or mobile device and get privileged info on specials running exclusively at your local salon. You even get a special birthday gift each year! Check out our latest specials to see how you can start saving today.

Personalized Care with Your Needs in Mind

Every client who walks into a TAN 2000 tanning salon has a unique set of tanning goals and special needs considerations. You may be a fair-skinned client who's looking to achieve a light base tan before vacation, while the next person to drop by may tan somewhat easily and want to get really dark, really fast.

Because each client is different, it's extremely important to have knowledgeable Certified Tanning Consultants who will make the correct recommendations for the results you want. Every sun tanning bed, lotion, and skin type is different, and it's our aim to choose the perfect combination that gives you the shade you want within your specified time frame, without causing any reddening, peeling, or irritation.

Stop into any TAN 2000 tanning salon and speak with one of our talented Certified Tanning Consultants today. Within the first visit, we'll set you up with everything you need, and bring you one step closer to the tan you've always dreamed of.

What's New in the World of Tanning?

The sun tanning industry is a fast-paced business, where new and fascinating research is always underway and technology is king. In the pages below, we've included some of this research and news and compiled what we feel are the best resources for vital information about the sun tanning industry. Explore the links below for more on this exciting industry and the advances you'll soon be seeing in TAN 2000 tanning salons across the state.

BeBright. Tan Responsibly.
Indoor Tanning Association
Vitamin D Council
UV Foundation
Grassroots Health
Smart Tan

Tanning Resources Around the Web

When the idea of indoor sun tanning enters conversations, for many there's an inevitable concern with wellness and health. But for anyone making a decision regarding either indoor or outdoor tanning, careful consideration of both the benefits and risks associated with ultraviolet light exposure and sun tanning is needed. Here are a few resources regarding these issues and what choices you can make to increase the benefits and decrease the risks when tanning responsibly.

BeBright - This site provides helpful resources and accurate information from a variety of educational sources, you can get the most from each tanning session.

Tanning Truth - This site uses scientifically supported materials to discuss the balance between the benefits and risks of tanning.

UV Foundation - This research organization is committed to helping the public understand the full scope and biological effects of ultraviolet light.

The Indoor Tanning Association (ITA) - The ITA promotes responsible sun care and sunburn protection through indoor tanning.

The Most Qualified Staff in the Business

When it comes to getting expert tanning advice, you're always in the right hands at TAN 2000. Before any TAN 2000 employee is even allowed on the tanning salon floor, they are required to complete a rigorous training program and become an accredited Tanning Consultant. To earn this accreditation, Tanning Consultants must achieve proficiency in each of the following categories:

  • Equipment Operation and Maintenance
  • Salon Sanitization Policies and Procedures
  • Proper Skin Typing
  • Client Service Excellence
  • Skin Care Principles and Procedures
  • State Tanning Regulations
  • Tanning Lotion Benefits and Options
  • Benefits of Indoor Tanning
  • Sunless Tanning Principles and Procedures

We strive to give each member of the TAN 2000 staff everything they need to advance within our company. It's part of our TAN 2000 mission, and in this business, knowledge is power. We also provide numerous training seminars throughout the year for Salon Directors and members of management to become even more familiar with industry information, management techniques, and the latest in tanning technology and skin care.

TAN 2000 spends a lot of time and money on the training and education of our staff. That's because every TAN 2000 employee is an investment in the happiness and satisfaction of our clients.

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